Service Advisory

Technical Service Advisory for users of selected Nikon Binoculars — the replacement schedule/ procedures have been added.

[ 16 May 2024 ]

Thank you for choosing Nikon Sport & Recreational Optics.

As announced on 14 September, 2023, the imitation leather attached to the surface of certain binocular bodies may have exceeded the standard value for the total concentration of phthalate [Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate] stipulated by REACH1,2. We would like to hereby inform users that we have decided on the replacement schedule/procedures for potentially affected products. 

From the perspective of ensuring compliance, Nikon will replace the potentially affected products free of charge upon request, not only for customers in countries that enacted REACH, but also for customers in other regions where the applicable products were sold. 

Applicable Products And How To Replace

The following table shows the potentially affected products.

List of potentially affected product names, identification symbols, and serial numbers.

Product Name Symbol Serial No. Schedule to Start Exchange Application
7x50 IF WP HP Tropical TP 152146 - 153735 16 May, 2024
10x70 IF HP WP TP 450310 - 450939 16 May, 2024
7x50 IF SP WP TP 251083 - 251773 16 May, 2024
10x70 IF SP WP TP 650269 - 6505133 16 May, 2024
18x70 IF WP WF TP 851135 - 8520853 16 May, 2024

Where to Find Symbols and Serial Numbers

Please check the symbol and serial number on the following location of the potentially affected binoculars.

Those whose serial numbers match the symbols in the table are eligible for replacement.

Serial No.XXXXXX (Example)

Identifying Serial Numbers - Technical Service Advisory for users of selected Nikon Binoculars, September 2023 | Nikon Cameras, Lenses & AccessoriesIdentifying Serial Numbers - Technical Service Advisory for users of selected Nikon Binoculars, September 2023 | Nikon Cameras, Lenses & Accessories

If you have a potentially affected product, please contact your local Nikon Service Centre who will arrange to take back your Binoculars and issue you a replacement. Please have your product model and serial number to hand.

Measures to Prevent Recurrence

In response to this finding, all relevant employees will be re-trained to ensure compliance with REACH. We will also further strengthen our inspection process, and better instruct and manage suppliers with regard to REACH in an effort to prevent issues like this from occurring again in the future.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this matter may cause you. 

1 The EU REACH Regulation No 1907/2006 is a European regulation on chemical substance management that started on June 1, 2007. Under this Regulation, substances and mixture imported into the EU are, in principle, subject to Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction obligations (“REACH”). In a number of non-EU countries, similar legislation has been enacted.  
2 Since July 7, 2020, strict standard values have been established for the total concentration of phthalates. (REACH Regulation Annex 17 Entry 51, section 3)
3 After examining the serial numbers of the 10x70 IF SP WP and 18x70 IF WP WF, some additional potentially affected models have been added to the above table.