Multi Power Battery Pack MB-N12

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The MB-N12 Power Battery Pack Extends battery life and enhances vertical shooting operation

The MB-N12 Power Battery Pack extends the battery life of the Z 8 approx. 1.8x while enhancing your vertical shooting operation. Featuring hot swapping, USB power charging/delivery, along with superior robustness equivalent to the Z 8, the MB-N12 is ideal for all-day-long shooting, such as at wedding events. This supportive tool should become a great addition to your kit.

Approx. 1.8× extended battery life

With its storage for two EN-EL 15c Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries1, the MB-N12 offers approx. 1.8× longer battery life over that of the Z 8 camera body alone. You can concentrate on capturing moments without having to worry about battery life. In addition, the MB-N12 allows you to charge batteries inside it even when it is not attached to the camera body.

Hot swapping and USB power charging/delivery supported

The MB-N12 continues supplying power even when one of the two batteries is removed, as long as the other battery still has remaining charge. This hot swapping function allows you to change batteries without interrupting your shoot. The battery pack also supports both USB power charging and delivery via the EH-7P/8P2. These features are convenient for day-long shooting of stills and videos3 such as interview sessions, interval timer photography, and wedding events.

Ergonomically designed for vertical shooting

The MB-N12 offers a series of buttons and controls such as main- and sub-command dials, multi selector, Fn button and AF-ON button for vertical shooting. Thanks to its ergonomically designed grip, it provides firm and secure holding even when a long telephoto lens is attached.

Dust- and drip-resistance performance equivalent to the Z 8

Boasting robustness and weather- and dust-sealing equivalent to the Z 8 body, the MB-N12 efficiently integrates itself into a camera system that can adapt to a diverse range of shooting conditions.

1 The EN-EL15b and EN-EL15a can also be used, but the number of pictures taken or length of video footage recorded on a single charge is less than with the EN-EL15c.
2 The EH-8P requires the UC-E25 USB Cable.
3 Video recording may stop due to a rise in camera temperature.