NX Field

Your Professional Workflow Support to Capture the Action from Multiple Angles, Transmit Seamlessly and Immediately from Field to Server.

The NX Field system is your reliable partner with its connectivity, reliability and immediacy.

Reliability: Steady Does It

Unstable connections due to congested wireless networks? A wired LAN connection with a flexible equipment setup keeps you undeterred by complications.

Avoid Signal Confusion

Send shutter-release signals from a master to up to 10 remote cameras through wired LAN cable and dodge the array of radio signals from various photographers and their setups.

Quick Confirmation

Via the master camera or the NX Field app, confirm and check the status of remote cameras, including connection status, remaining battery, latest shutter-release time, number of frames that can be shot and image sending status.

Smooth Recovery

Even if an FTP server network errors occur during an event, the remote cameras can easily recover from such problems.

Energy Saving

Save on battery power by programming the remote cameras to be activated at a designated time.

Get Creative on Alternatives

If your shooting venues are not equipped with wired LAN, a high speed 5G mobile network can also be used.

Accurate Focus

Choose your preferred autofocus either from the application or from a master camera. Remote cameras’ autofocus can be activated by operating the master camera’s shutter-release button or AF-ON button. If you are shooting with a smart device, you can also control the remote cameras’ autofocus settings while confirming live view images to adapt to your subject’s movements.

Connectivity: All-Access Pass

Don’t get limited by inaccessibility. Capture the decisive moments with remote cameras in various perspectives and angles, without requiring many photographers or accesses to multiple locations.

Smart Synchronisation

Setting up remote cameras to operate with synchronized shutter release is easy using a smart device. The portability of a tablet or smartphone makes a big difference when installing remote cameras in narrow and tight places.

Take Control

Control the remote cameras’ settings with a smart device, be it simultaneously or individually. Via the intuitive interface, change an individual camera’s settings easily, check remote cameras’ images, and release shutters of remote cameras – even from a distant location.

Immediacy: Beat the Clock

Deadlines can be stressful, and erratic events add to the pressure. Ease up file delivery with high-speed FTP communication and synchronised settings.

Master of Speed

Fully utilise the rapid data transmission speed of the cameras to upload images to the FTP server directly from multiple remote cameras.

Freedom to Choose

Unlike conventional synchronised multiple remote camera operations where you have to burst shutter releases of all the connected cameras simultaneously all the time, the NX Field system lets you selectively release shutters to capture images of desired moments from desired cameras. Additionally, use ‘Select and Send’ function to further narrow down the number of images for transfer.

Multitasking Made Easy

Send images during synchronised shooting of a master and remote cameras or when settings were being adjusted for cameras.

Versatility: Expand the Possibilities

The Nikon ecosystem is constantly expanding with each new technology adding further convenience to your workflow.